Rajasthan home minister and BJP leader Gulab Chand Kataria calls Manmohan Singh ‘salaa,’ later apologises


Crossing every level of decency, Rajasthan Home Minister and senior BJP leader, Gulab Chand Kataria, on Sunday called former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ‘saala.’ Faced with massive criticism, he’s now apologised describing his act as an error.

Addressing a rally in Rajasthan’s Churu, Kataria had said, “said: “Desh ka pradhan mantri pehle Manmohan Singh jab America utarta tha, toh sa** ko receive karne kay liye aira-gera nathu khaira mantri ja karke airport se lekar ata tha. Lekin ab Hindustan ka pradhan mantri jab jata hai, toh Obama swayam uth karke jata hai uski agwani karne ke liye. (When prime minister Manmohan Singh used to go to America, the sa** was received by ordinary ministers at the airport. But now, when India’s prime minister goes, [US President Barack] Obama himself comes to receive him.”

The controversial BJP leader later apologised saying he was often prone to make such mistakes.

“It was wrong. The word just came out while I was in the flow (of the speech). I certainly regret it. Even in Vidhan Sabha, if you ask the Opposition, I sometimes make such errors, but I do realise it,” he told Indian Express.


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