Rajasthan BJP MLA admits accepting black money, but says he uses them on saving cows


The central government led by Narendra Modi may be under constant scrutiny for its failure to bring black money as promised by the prime minister before elections in 2014. But, one BJP MLA in Rajasthan has caused more embarrassment to Modi and his party after admitting that he received black money, but only spent on saving cows, upkeep of temples and girls’ weddings.

MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja, who last hit media headlines because of his ability to count precise number of condoms and meat bones on the JNU campus, revealed that whilst he accepted black money, he didn’t use them for personal benefit.

His ‘strategy’ to deal with black money was to use the money on saving cows and upkeep of temples, Indian Express quoted him as saying.


He said, “But when it is offered to me, I don’t use it personally. People who offer it ask whether they should donate it to the party, but I tell them the party has enough funds.”

“Whenever someone offers it to me, I ask them to spend it on some good cause, like on the upkeep of temples and gurdwaras… I also give them a receipt. Some people ask me, why a receipt if it is illegitimate money. I say they have spent it on a good cause, so what is the harm in giving them a receipt,” he said. The MLA said he saw nothing inappropriate in the remarks. “I am not one to prevaricate. If I said something, I stand by it. I won’t blame journalists for using my words out of context like others do,” Ahuja said.


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