Rains stop in Chennai, life still difficult


Life for people in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai continue to be difficult though the rains have stopped in the capital.

Many areas in Chennai still remain under water and supplies of essentials was difficult, said residents.

“Water logging continues to be there. The only mercy was that there were no rains,” said Viswanath, a resident.

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The water flow in Adyar river has come down and the amount of surplus water was released into the river from the Chembarambakkam lake.

The Southern Railways have announced special trains to Tirunelveli, Rameswaram and Howrah from Chennai Beach station.

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The power supply was restored in the areas where water has receded, but it was still cut in many other places.

However, communication lines — landline and mobile — continue to disrupt.

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In heavily flooded areas like Mudichur and Tambaram, people were looking up to the skies praying for the rains to stop, and for relief materials.


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