Railways to replace white bedrolls with multi-coloured designer linen


Railways will soon do away with white bedsheets and pillow covers and replace them with multi-colour specially designed bedrolls.

That’s not it. Curtains of AC coaches are also being redesigned.

“It has been decided that the interiors of the coaches are changed including replacing the white colour bedrolls with multi-coloured ones. The newly-designed bedrolls will be introduced in one of the Rajdhani trains shortly,” said a senior Railway Ministry official was quoted by the PTI.

Passengers travelling in AC coaches are provided with bedrolls consisting of two bedsheets, one pillow, a blanket and a hand towel. But, under the new plan everything else except hand towel will be multi-coloured designed by NIFT students.


“NIFT was given the responsibility to design new coloured patterns for train travellers and it has sent an array of designs out of which we have selected two type of colours,” the official said.

Besides bedrolls, the colour of curtains will be also matching with the colour of bedsheets.

Railways provides about 3 lakh bedrolls to its AC travellers.

The supply of multi-coloured bedrolls will cost Railways about 30 per cent more than what it spends now.

It is a common complaint that the set of linen supplied to passengers are unhygienic, dirty and smelly.

Addressing the issue, Railways has also undertaken steps to set up a state-of-the-art mechanised laundry at many stations.

Continuing with new steps, Railways is also redesigning the seating arrangements in trains to improve the aesthetic look of the coach.


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