Odd-Even formula to be effective for 12 hours everyday, Sunday exempted


Delhi government on Tuesday announced that its Odd-Even formula to curb air pollution will kick in from 1 January with the rules being applicable between 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening.

There will be no restrictions on Sunday.

Addressing a news conference at the Delhi secretariat, the transport minister in Delhi government, Gopal Rai said that the decision on two-wheelers will be taken on 10 December.

He said, “15-day trial will start from 1 Jan 2016 and we will assess the success before taking a call on whether to continue with this arrangement further.”

Rai also announced that the government had shelved earlier plan to dedicate Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for vehicle with odd numbers and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for even number vehicles.

Under the new rule, the vehicles with odd registration numbers will ply on odd dates (1, 3,5,7,9 etc), while vehicles with even numbers will run on even dates of the month.

Rai also said that Badarpur Tharmal plant had been given 7-days notice for a complete shut-down adding that the final blueprint of the plan will be ready by 25 December.

Earlier today, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held high level meeting of his cabinet colleagues and other senior officials who are the stakeholders in the government’s plan.

The Commissioner of Delhi Traffic Police, head of Delhi Metro (DMRC) and representatives from the DTC, environment and revenue departments too took part in the meeting.

Delhi chief ministeer, Arvind Kejriwal on 4 November, had announced sever measures to check the rising air pollution in the capital one of them was to allow vehicles with odd and even numbers to ply on city’s roads on alternate days.

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