Rahul Gandhi’s suit jibe against Modi, says Guinness Book ‘just reward’ for his ‘immense sacrifice’


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday took a dig at Narendra Modi over a suit worn by him making it to the Guinness World Records, saying it was a “just reward” for the Prime Minister’s “immense sacrifice”.

“Just rewards for Modiji’s immense sacrifice,” tweeted the Congress Vice-President. Gandhi also tagged the news report regarding the suit being described by the Guinness Records as the “most expensive suit (clothing) sold at auction”.

Rahul Gandhi

The monogrammed suit worn by Modi during his meeting with US President Barack Obama here last year, which had kicked up a controversy, entered the Guinness World Records as “the most expensive suit sold at auction”. This allowed Modi to become the first Indian prime minister to have had his suit auctioned for Rs 11 lakh.

Modi had won historic mandate selling his past as self-claimed tea-seller.

The suit had gone under the hammer in February last year and was purchased for Rs 4.31 crore by Surat-based diamond trader Lalji Patel, who owns Dharmananda Diamond Company.

The suit has stripes with the name ‘Narendra Damodardas Modi’ woven into it in glittering gold letters. The suit was reportedly prepared at a cost of Rs 10 lakh and was auctioned at a base price of Rs 11 lakh.

The money raised from the auction of the suit has been earmarked for the Centre’s clean Ganga mission. The suit, which Modi had worn during Obama’s three-day state visit to India in January last, had kicked up a political row with opposition parties accusing the PM of ‘narcissism’.

Rahul had latched on it to accuse Modi of heading a “suit-boot ki sarkar” which worked only for the rich. The government had hit back, saying it is in fact a “soojh-boojh ki sarkar”(a government with wisdom).


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