Rahul Gandhi’s stern warning to traitors in Gujarat Congress, says they will face action


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has warned some senior functionaries within the party in Gujarat of consequences alleging that they had conspired to ensure its defeat in the just-concluded assembly polls.

Rahul Gandhi
Photo: @INCIndiaLive

Congress had narrowly lost the elections after its alliance secured 81 seats as opposed to BJP’s overall tally of 100. This was after one independent candidate each had joined both Congress and the BJP.

Speaking to party workers, Rahul said, “One thing I want to make it absolutely clear to the Congress party of Gujarat. 90% workers fought together to ensure the Congress party’s win, but 5-10% did not help the party. I want to assure all of you here that the Congress party will act against them. I want to assure you from this stage. We’ll send a clear message. Whoever you may be, however big you may be, if you don’t stand with the Congress, you won’t have a future in the Congress party.”

Rahul also added that a new leadership had emerged within the party after the latest Gujarat assembly polls adding that the same leadership will run the government after the next elections five years later.

Rahul was widely praised for the way he led the party’s campaign in Gujarat. His relentless attack against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi resulted in the party winning 20 more seats than its tally in 2012. There were at least 12 seats where the party lost by less than 3,000 seats.


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