Rahul Gandhi’s prophecy comes true as Modi government junks UPSC, advertises jobs for joint secretary rank posts directly


Just days after Congress President Rahul Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi fo attempting to dangerously saffronise the Indian bureaucracy, the Centre has already sought applications for Joint Secretary level jobs without going through the Union Service Public Commission route.

Joint Secretary
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Titled as ‘LATERAL RECRUITMENT TO SENIOR POSITIONS IN GOVERNMENT OF INDIA,’ the advertisement by the Department of of Personnel and Training said, “The Government of India invites talented and motivated Indian nationals willing to contribute towards nation building to join the Government at the level of Joint Secretary.” It then went on to explain the role of Joint Secretaries stating ‘Joint Secretaries are at a crucial level of senior management in the Government of India.’

“They lead policy making as well as implementation of various programmes and schemes of the Department assigned to them. Joint Secretaries report to the Secretary/Additional Secretary in the Ministry/ Department,” the ad said.

It further said that the central government was looking for ’10 outstanding individuals with expertise in ‘ the areas of (i) Revenue (ii) Financial Services (iii) Economic Affairs (iv) Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers’ Welfare (v) Road Transport & Highways (vi) Shipping (vii) Environment, Forests and Climate Change (viii) New & Renewable Energy (ix) Civil
Aviation and (x) Commerce.”

The criteria to apply for the job is that the applicants ought to be at least 40 years old. The qualification expected is of ‘graduate from a recognized University/Institute’ adding that ‘higher qualifications would be an added advantage.’

As for the eligibility, the ad said, “Officers of any State/UT Government who are already working at equivalent level or are eligible for appointment to equivalent level in their cadre, with relevant experience. Individuals working at comparable levels in Public, Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Autonomous Bodies, Statutory Organisations, Universities, Recognized Research Institutes with a minimum of 15 years experience.

“Individuals working at comparable levels in Private Sector Companies, Consultancy
Organisations, International/Multinational Organisations with a minimum of 15 years

What this means is that even a person associated with the pro-RSS think-tank such as Vivekanand Foundation or any other private entities with remote RSS links will also be eligible to apply to become part of Indian bureaucracy and influence the government policies.

The minimum contract for this job will be of three while the remuneration will range between Rs 1,44,200 per month and Rs 2,18,200.

The government ad also clarifies that all appointees shall be deemed to be Public Servants
for the purpose of the CCS (Conduct) Rules and such other Statutes as notified by the
Government from time to time.

The news elicited angry response from activists and journalists who detected blatant attempts to install pro-Hindutva figures in key parts of bureaucracy.

Not too long ago, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had warned students asking them to rise as their future was in danger. Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plans to have his say in the service allocation of IAS officers, Gandhi had said, “Rise up students, your future is at risk! RSS wants what’s rightfully yours. The letter below reveals the PM’s plan to appoint officers of RSS’s choice into the Central Services, by manipulating the merit list using subjective criteria, instead of exam rankings.”


  1. IAS officers are not experty in all feild, so it is necessary to have expert in perticular subject in services.

  2. I’m asking PAPPU to read the Notification and eligibility criteria first.

    In the interview panel, no RSS karyakarthalu will be there as a member…….. and this is the level of understanding the PM candidate………

  3. Iam a journalist by profession and has been in this job for quite a long time. What do you actually mean by this article??. The decision by the government is welcomed and applauded by all in the civil society as its an out of box thinking to extract new talent and experience from the industry and to flush out the age old practice.. Your agenda is well clear and understood under whose behest the article is written for.

  4. Your articles are nothing but a cheap endorsement for Cong party and it’s stooges . Have some shame , please come up with sensible articles..

  5. So how exactly can you say that conducting a test will assure that the passed candidate is not linked to RSS..Grow up journalists, it isn’t necessary to link everything to RSS..This can well open up bureaucracy to be revitalised through private experience..Not necessarily everything has to be politics or coloured…

  6. What the fuck…the author is just focusing on negative side of this decision which is not even negative. This decision is an attempt to fill important posts with talented people. But what the author wants, is posting of undeserving candidates on the basis of reservation….If upsc is so good in selecting candidates then it should do without providing any reservation. This decision will help every deserving indian to help in the growth of country irrespective of their religion,caste or community. Stop spreading misguided information. If modi will ask you to wash hands after toilet, even then you people are gonna disagree with him by making excuses like how poor dalits are gonna afford soap….. stupid opposition…

  7. I am getting very much tired of BJP rule in India. I had great hopes. But now no aache din. Almost every scheme is old wines in new bottles, previous schemes of UPA govt. The prices of petrol and diesel are also spiralling upwards. Cow vigilantism, ghar wapsi rules the day. Now saffronisation of key government posts. I miss the old days. 🙁

  8. We want effectiveness which can be experimented by trying a small batch of 10 people. Why is Rahul gandh (filth) feeling offended? Entire opposition is running for shelter as isolatedly they will go to jail. Modi has come as a savioir

  9. What is wrong if person is efficient,honest, and ready to deliver the result if he belongs to Hindutwa ideology or having RSS background. Are these persons with RSS background and Honduras ideology are untouchable?

  10. What is wrong with getting experts from outside to take up Joint Secretary level jobs? Why one should politicize it at all and see malafide intention in everything? If we can get experts like Prof Raghuram Rajan, Dr Urjit Patel, etc., from outside to head our central bank, then why not joint Secretary?
    Who knows….we might get some real expert in the field instead of the IAS generalists. It would be prudent to wait and see how it actually turns out before raising a hue and cry over it.

  11. IT is a good initiative by the central government. IAS is not a specialised cadre and anybody who as ten to fifteen years experience in top administrative field with proven record would be far more better than these officers, some of whom have acquired their IAS certificate using dubious means also or owing to reservations based on caste, communities etc. We are seeing many IAS and IPS officers discharging their duties based on instructions from their political bosses rather than set guidelines. Just today in Karnataka, a newly elected minister warns these cadre to “Just listen to his instructions and not to wag their tails”, and these people do not protest him for the obliging ones would be blessed with plum postings. With the new initiative this kind of “Jee, huzoor” would become rare and we can expect better management.

  12. It’s good move to clean the corrupt officers. Experienced and private people had more disciplined than others, it’s good move. Thanks to govt. I’m not a pro RSS or any shit. But seriously private employee

  13. #lateral entry,
    We have been lamenting about the lack of technical experts in governance. Now that a few are being invited ,(with a very poor payscale, ), Congress reactionaries are up and about. Why they cannot accept reforms.
    What was Dr manmohan Singh before being politically appointed as FM, ? Was he not an outsider to beaurocracy,?
    So political appointment through rajyasabha is ok , but no lateral entry. ITS RIDICULOUS ATTITUDE.

  14. The easiest way to see whether a move is good or bad is by the reaction of opposition parties and activists in India. If they oppose it has to be good move. In western countries opposition which are non-dynastic tend to criticize only if it is against nation interest, while activists try to improve society. In contrast in India activists & opposition parties are part of establishment that kept India poor for last 60 plus years. As we know until very recently even Pakistan was consistently scoring better than India in terms of hunger index & acute hunger.

  15. This move is certainly the keystone for our country’s development. We should have experts with practical knowledge in the field to formulate policies. Hope the states also take up and adhere to similar pattern. We have evidence of working style and impact Mr. Raghuram Rajan ,Mr. Nandan Nilekani and Mr. Arvind subramanium have made as lateral entrants. The issue- misuse of posting doesn’t arise as the present system has done no good .It has installed generalists, just managed to maintain colonial hierarchy and created chaos.


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