Rahul Gandhi's first reaction on MeToo campaign, doesn't mention MJ Akbar's name


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday gave his first reaction to what’s being termed as India’s own MeToo campaign, which has seen many sexual predators’ names emerge on public platforms.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul took to Twitter to write, “It’s about time everyone learns to treat women with respect and dignity. I’m glad the space for those who don’t, is closing. The truth needs to be told loud and clear in order to bring about change.”

Rahul was asked to comment on the MeToo campaign on Thursday, when he spoke to media at the AICC heaquarters in Delhi to talk about the fresh revelation on the Rafale deal. The Congress president had said that he will comment on the topic later separately.
His comments come amidst mounting pressure on Union Minister MJ Akbar to resign from his post in the wake of several female journalists coming forward to share their horrific stories of sexual violence allegedly committed by him during his time as the editor of two newspapers. Curiously, while his party officially demanded Akbar’s resignation earlier this week, Rahul chose not name the junior foreign minister.

At least 10 woman journalists, who worked under Akbar at The Telegraph and The Asian Age had alleged how the former sexually harassed them repeatedly. One journalist, Ghazala Wahab in particular, had written for The Wire narrating her woes. She had alleged that Akbar routinely attacked her sexually in the Delhi office of the newspaper, forcing her to quit the organisation.
Curiously, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not commented on the topic. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj too had dodged a reporter’s question when to comment on allegations against Akbar, a junior foreign minister in the central government.


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