Rahul Gandhi’s cheeky jibe at PM Modi and Amit Shah, says ‘they are known for snooping, they can snoop on you as well’


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday launched another blistering attack the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for the constitutional coup that resulted in the dismissal of the CBI chief, Alok Verma.

Rahul Gandhi

Addressing a special press conference, Rahul said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose to dismiss the CBI chief at 2 am because he was scared that Verma planned to launch a probe into the Rafale scam. “The prime minister said that he was the chaukidaar, security guard of the nation, now he is neck deep in corruption. The prime minister knows that as soon as the CBI acts against him, he will be in trouble. It’s a panic reaction from him because he’s frightened on the prospects of being caught.”

He continued, “Narendra Modi took public money of Rs 30,000 crore and gave it to his friend Anil Ambani (in the Rafale deal). But Narendra Modi knows that he will be caught. This country is full of intelligent people.”

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had earlier dismissed as “rubbish” allegations that CBI director Alok Verma was sent on leave because he wanted to investigate the Rafale deal. Jaitley came under attack from Rahul, who mocked at the finance minister for the recent revelation that his daughter Sonali was on the payroll of Mehul Choksi, accused of committing financial fraud before fleeing India.

Rahul said, “Finance Minister (Arun Jaitley) talks about CVC, he doesn’t talk about his own daughter, his son-in-law. Please go and ask him about them.”

Terming the decision to remove Verma illegal and criminal, Rahul said, “Raids at 2 am at night… CBI director can’t be removed, only the Chief Justice of India, Leader of Opposition and the PM can appoint and remove CBI director.”

Commenting on the arrests of four IB personnel, who were found to be snooping on the sacked CBI chief from outside his house, Rahul made an indirect reference to the infamous snooping case of Gujarat involving Modi and Amit Shah. He said cheekily, “They are known for snooping, they can snoop on you as well.”




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