Rahul Gandhi uses Salman Khan’s laughter to target Narendra Modi on diesel and petrol prices


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the price rise in petroleum products under the latter’s regime. He took a potshot at the prime minister using a hashtag #Petrolled and a viral video of Salman Khan incessantly laughing at Modi’s question on whether ‘petrol’s price come down or not?’

Salman Khan

Gandhi wrote, “The poor & the middle class bear the brunt of rising fuel prices. In this video, our PM is quite obviously talking about some other country.”

The viral video comprises of clips from Modi’s public speech after becoming the prime minister. But, the makers of the video have inserted the clips of Salman’s laughter each time Modi’s is asking the audience on whether prices of petrol and diesel have come down or not.

The video has been doing the rounds on social media platforms for several days. But, this is the first time a leader of any political party has used it to embarrass the prime minister.

Diesel price hit an all-time high in the national capital on 1 April while the price of petrol reached a four-year high at Rs. 73.73 a litre. The cost of diesel per litre in Delhi touched an all-time high of Rs. 64.58.


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