Rahul Gandhi taunts PM Modi after Trump thanks Pakistan


Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi on Sunday taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the US President Donald Trump praised Pakistan for ‘cooperation.’

Rahul Gandhi
Photo: @INCIndia

Rahul asked Modi to be quick as Trump needed another hug from him. He wrote, “Modi ji quick; looks like President Trump needs another hug.”

Trump, in his tweet on Saturday, had said, “Starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders. I want to thank them for their cooperation on many fronts.”

Supporters of Modi and the BJP have often claimed that under the new prime minister Indian ties with the US had gained new strength.

The photos of Modi hugging Trump during his last US visit had gone viral on social media. The photos had become popular as Trump appeared reluctant for a hug with his Indian guest.

Congress had slammed Modi stating that the joint statement by India and the US on terrorism was disappointing.

Speaking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump’s joint statement, AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari had said, “The joint statement between India and the US is disappointing to say the least. It was old hat. There was no big idea in the relationship.”

Rahul has lately sharpened his attack on Modi mocking Modi’s unfulfilled election promises. More recently, the Congress VP had poked fun at the prime minister’s claims of fulfilling his promises by 2022. Speaking to a crowd in Vadodara in Gujarat, Rahul had said that Modi will get the moon on earth by 2030.



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