Rahul Gandhi offers ice cream to veteran leader Kamal Nath, gets slammed by Shivraj Singh Chouhan for ignoring Indian culture


Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been on a campaign trail in Madhya Pradesh, where his party has been seeking to dislodge the state’s BJP government headed by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Chouhan has now slammed Rahul for disrespecting the Indian culture while addressing his senior colleague Kamal Nath.

Rahul Gandhi

This was after Rahul took time off from his hectic campaign schedule to visit a popular ice cream parlour, 56 Dukaan. The Congress president was being accompanied by Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath. After being the ice cream, Rahul Gandhi asked Nath, “Kamal, ice cream bohat achi hai tum bhi khao (Kamal, ice cream is really nice, you should have it too).”

He then asked a child being carried by his mother and asked ‘Ice cream loge?’ before feeding him a bite. His gesture was instantly applauded by people standing around the shop. The video of Rahul feeding ice cream to a child in Madhya Pradesh had gone viral on social media platforms.

However, Chouhan has slammed Rahul for disrespecting a veteran leader from the latter’s own party by ignoring the Indian culture. News agency ANI quoted Chouhan as saying, “Kamal Nath has worked with his father (Rajiv Gandhi). Is this Indian culture to address a man of 70-75 years by his name?”

Rahul’s party has not reacted to Chouhan’s jibe. Nath is believed to be a serious contender for the chief minister’s post in the event that the BJP is defeated in the ongoing assembly elections. The opinion poll has suggested a possible defeat for the saffron party, which had turned the state into its fiefdom.

Rahul had earlier accused Kartikey of being named in Panama Papers leak. But, when he threatened to file a defamation case against him, the Congress president had clarified that he was referring to the son of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh. He had said that he got confused because of ‘high number of scams’ under BJP governments.


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