‘I knew for 3-4 months what Nitish was planning’


Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday said that he was aware of Nitish Kumar’s plans to join hands with the BJP for three to four months.

(Photo courtesy: CM House)

He told reporters, “I knew for 3-4 months what Nitish Kumar was planning. In politics you get to know what’s going on in people’s mind. This is the problem in the Indian politics. People can do anything for their self-interests. There’s no place for credibility and morality. People can do anything for the want of power.”

His comments came as Kumar took oath as Bihar chief minister little over 12 hours after he resigned from the government of the anti-BJP coalition.

Kumar, while speaking to reporters on Wednesday, had invoked corruption charges against the RJD leaders to justify his decision to resign.

Gandhi’s comments conclusively confirmed the inside story we published on Wednesday night explaining that Kumar’s resignation wasn’t sudden and it was a part of a carefully written script.



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