Rahul Gandhi flies to Italy to meet grandmother and family


Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, has flown to Italy to meet his grandmother and other ‘family’ members for few days.

rahul gandhi italy

His tweet said, “Will be travelling to meet my grandmother & family for a few days. Looking forward to spending some time with them!”

Rahul’s visit to Italy could be controversial given that hundreds of farmers continue to agitate demanding their rights in Madhya Pradesh, where he was detained recently while claiming to stand by their cause.

The Congress vice president was accused of not capitalising on the anger against the Centre’s Narendra Modi government because of demonetisation last December, when he had abruptly left for holiday in London.

The latest holiday trip by Rahul will give more ammunition to his critics, who have accused him of not being a serious politician.

In 2015, he was absent from India for over two months and also missed the first leg of the budget session of parliament.

Sources in the party said they were not sure how long would be Rahul’s sojourn, but indicated he would celebrate his birthday abroad with his maternal family. The scion of the Gandhi family turns 47 on June 19.

The Congress vice president’s travel comes in the wake of crucial meetings taking place on the presidential election, the process for which will start tomorrow with the issue of notification and start of filing of nominations.

The all-important sub-group of the Opposition leaders would be meeting tomorrow to evolve strategy for the July 17 presidential election.

The Congress party is also planning to “expose” the Modi government for “failing” to fulfil the promises made to farmers by organising an agitational plan jointly with other parties.

He last travelled to get his mother Sonia Gandhi back from an undisclosed location, after she had travelled abroad for medical treatment for an unannounced ailment.

The Congress party under him has faced a series of electoral setbacks under his leadership. Congress is facing challenges in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka, two of the last remaining states where Rahul Gandhi’s party remains in government.

His inability to build a movement for farmers’ rights once again may go down as costly miss as far as his party’s future is concerned.

(With additional inputs from PTI)


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