Rahul Gandhi ‘humiliated’ by Modi government, made to sit in 6th row, four rows behind Smriti Irani


Congress party was left fuming on Friday after the Centre’s Narendra Modi government ‘humiliated’ their leader, Rahul Gandhi, during the function to mark the 69th Republic Day in Delhi.

Reacting to the government’s decision to allocate him the 6th row, Rahul told NDTV, “I am not bothered about where I am sitting.”

Contrary to media reports that the Modi government had decided to allocate Rahul a fourth row seat, the Congress president was eventually made to sit in the sixth row, four rows behind the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani. Gandhi had defeated Irani in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, prompting the BJP to bring her into the parliament and justify her ministerial role through the Rajya Sabha.

The Congress president has traditionally enjoyed the front row seat every Republic Day until as recent as last year when Sonia Gandhi headed the party. Unlike Rahul Gandhi, the BJP President was given the front row, a privilege he has enjoyed since the BJP formed the government at the Centre in May 2014.

Congress party’s chief spokesperson, Randeep Surjewala, called it a cheap politics of the Narendra Modi government. He tweeted, “The cheap politics of the Modi government is out in the open. The arrogant rulers discarded all traditions and deliberately made Congress President Rahul Gandhi first sit in the 4th row and then 6th row. For us, the celebration of our constitution is the top priority.”

A senior Congress leader told Janta Ka Reporter, “We know the BJP can stoop to any low to humiliate their political rivals. But making our leader sit in the sixth row by doing away with the tradition is a new low in the Indian politics. Mr Modi has just proven yet again that he’s version of politics is crass.”

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi was seen sitting in the sixth row at the Rajpath along with his party colleague and a former union minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad. BJP President Amit Shah and LK Advani were given the front row. As expected the Friday’s development evoked angry reactions from the Congress supporters on social media.

Leaders of 10 ASEAN countries were the chief guests during this year’s Republic Day function. One of the reasons why the Congress is livid by today’s treatment meted out to its leader that he was humiliated in front of the international dignitaries. However, they said that Rahul Gandhi agreeing to sit even in the sixth row ‘showed class.’

“That’s why we are different. Today’s was a shining example of we matching Modi’s crass with our class,” said another leader wishing to be anonymous.


  1. We have prime minister who is so immature,shows the anger and hatred of a child-unfit to lead one of the biggest democracies

  2. No matter where a person sits
    Look at his simplicity to accept
    Let me write a hindi doha

    Jo tonko kanta buye taa ii buye too phool
    Toh hi phool ke phool hai walo hai tirasool


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