Rahul Gandhi elected new Congress President unopposed


Rahul Gandhi on Monday was declared the new president of the Congress party. Announcing the decision, Congress leader Mullappally Ramachandran said that he was elected unopposed.

Photo: @INCIndiaLive

He said, “89 nomination proposals were received,all were valid.Since there was only one candidate.I hereby declare Rahul Gandhi elected as the president of Indian National Congress.”

Mullappally Ramachandran was the Returning Officer of the Election Commission for the election of the new Congress President.

The declaration of result said, “Since the withdrawal date/time is over and as there is only one candidate, as per Article XVIII(d) of the Constitution of Indian National Congress, I hereby declare Shri Rahul Gandhi elected as President of the Indian National Congress.

Rahul has been currently campaigning in Gujarat for the second and the last phase of the assembly polls.

His popularity in the recent months has experienced a phenomenal rise with the young Gandhi launching repeated attacks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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