Rahul Gandhi asks Narendra Modi to resign over LPG price hike


Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resign after the prices of cooking gas was hiked again.

Rahul Gandhi

Asking Modi to “vacate the ‘Sinhasan’ [post of the Prime Minister],” Rahul asked the prime minister to stop empty speeches.

He said, “Mehangi gas, mehanga rashan. Band karo khokala bhashan. Dam bandho kam do. Warna khali karo sinhasan [Expensive gas, expensive ration. Stop making hollow promises. Fix the rates and give employment or else vacate the post],” Rahul tweeted attaching a news report of the hike.

Rahul was referring to the price hike announced by the State-run oil firms on Wednesday. The prices of the LPG cylinder’s went up by Rs 4.50, while the non-subsidised rates was hiked by a steeper Rs 93 per cylinder.

Meanwhile, Modi on Sunday hit out at the previous Congress-led government for abusing subsidy of Rs 57,000 crore meant for the poor.

“People used to loot the treasury in the name of subsidies. In the past, 57,000 crore used to get leaked due to rampant corruption in implementing subsidies,” Modi was quoted by IANS.

He was addressing an election rally in Himachal Pradesh ahead of the state’s 9 November assembly polls.

“Now our policy has stopped the leak. The leaders in Congress cannot bear this, so they are attacking me.”

Taking potshots at former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s statement that Re 1 ends up as 15 paise when it reaches villages, Modi said: “Rajiv was such a doctor who diagnosed the problem of corruption but did not do anything about it.

“He has made sure that the whole of 100 paise now goes to the pockets of the poor.”

Playing the development card by driving through promotion of tourism in the hill state, the Prime Minister said his government was focusing on laying road networks in the state.

“I have never seen such enthusiasm for the BJP that I am witnessing this time in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a one-sided contest.”

Donning a Himachali cap, Modi, on his third and last round of election tour of the state, said: “In the last 20 years, there has not been a single election where I have not been involved. But this is an unprecedented election. I know where the wind is blowing.

“A storm is raging here against the corrupt Congress.”


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