Raghuram Rajan not interested in AAP’s Rajya Sabha offer


Former Reserve Bank of India governor, Raghuram Rajan, has said that he was not interested in the Rajya Sabha nomination offer by the Delhi’s AAP government.

Raghuram Rajan
File Photo: PTI

His office at University of Chicago said, “While Professor Rajan is engaged in a variety of educational activities in India, he has no plans to leave his full-time academic job at the University of Chicago.”

This was after Aam Aadmi Party offered a Rajya Sabha seat from Delhi to the former Reserve Bank of India governor. Delhi has three Rajya Sabha seats and given the AAP’s historic victory in 2015, the party is set to send three members to the Rajya Sabha next January. According to sources, Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, is believed to have made up his mind to not offer any Rajya Sabha seat to his party leaders.

Several senior AAP functionaries had confirmed the news as they took to social media to post their reactions.

Kejriwal, according to his close aides, wants to send only professionals and technocrats to the Upper House. The choice of Rajan assumes significance in light of his spectacular fall out on economic policies with the Centre’s Narendra Modi government.

Modi had refused to offer him a second term. Should Rajan accept the offer, his presence in the Upper House will be a cause of embarrassment for the government. Rajan, who had made the list of probables for this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics, was the youngest to become the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund at 40.

He had accurately predicted the global economic meltdown in 2008. The economic recession of 2008 had severely impacted the economy around the world particularly in Europe and America.


  1. Rajan has the experience of Indian politics and he may not want to enter the muddied system again. While his tenure in RBI, he had already tasted the ‘ politics’ played out by selfish leaders. He is already contributing a lot to education. His decision is right and must be welcomed


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