Racket circulating fake currency notes used in movies busted, 3 taken into custody

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Mumbai: Three persons have been arrested for allegedly circulating fake currency notes used in Bollywood movies. The Govandi police seized 15 counterfeit Rs 2000 notes from their possession.

The fake notes used in films look very much similar to original bank notes, but a close look will make you realise that they have Azad Bank of India printed on them instead of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The difference is not easy to find out in haste and taking its advantage, the trio used to cheat vegetable and fruit sellers in busy hours.

Cops are now on the lookout for the kingpin of the racket who – according to investigators – might be associated with Bollywood.

Photo: NDTV

Few days back, the police said, Jitu Jadhav – one of the three accused – bought two kilo grams of grapes from a fruit seller in Chembur and gave him one such fake note of Rs 2000. The seller took the note without proper examination and returned the rest sum to the accused. He realised in the evening that he has been cheated.

Jadhav allegedly sent his brother with another same fake note of Rs 2000 to the same fruit seller who was alert this time. The accused brother was caught and handed over to the police.

After questioning the two brothers, cops arrested the third accused Vasudev Achrekar who allegedly used to supply them the fake currency notes.


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