Punjab’s Muslim cleric roars from stage in Singhu border, targets ‘Godi media’ in Punjabi with reference to Ghalib


Video of a Muslim cleric from Ludhiana in Punjab roaring from the stage at the Singhu border has gone viral on social media platforms. The unnamed maulvi’s fiery speech in Punjab with plenty of references to Ghalib and Urdu poetry has become a new sensation on the internet.

Targeting the Indian media, the maulvi said, “History will remember when India’s farmers were fighting for their self-respect, the Godi media was busy licking the boots of the government.” The cleric then singled out Aaj Tak, Rajat Sharma’s India TV, Zee News and Mukesh Ambani’s News18 to warn that ‘when history is written, farmers’ martyrdom will be fondly remembered and not the role of bootlickers.’

The cleric from Ludhiana thanked farmer leader Rakesh Tikait and the people of Haryana for uniting the people of India cutting across their religious divides. “Whatever happens to the Farm Laws, but one thing is clear. These laws have brought all of us together like brothers,” he said amidst loud applause.

Referring to criticism from the pro-government media outlets that farmers had desecrated the national flag during the tractor rally on 26 January, the cleric said, “You are preaching the importance of tricolour to those (Sikhs), who have been receiving their loved ones ( martyred soldiers) draped in the national flag for last 74 years.”

The maulvi from Ludhiana thanked farmer leader Rakesh Tikait for giving a new lease of life to the farmers’ agitation. It was Tikait’s tears that had sent shockwaves across Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, prompting people to throng to protest sites in droves even amidst brutal police crackdown.


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