Sukhbir Badal says AAP has aligned with radical leaders in Punjab


Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal today accused AAP leaders of aligning with radical groups of Punjab” and sought from the Centre a probe into the party’s source of funding.

Sukhbir, who holds the Home portfolio, also said Pakistan’s ISI has “big plans” to destablise the state by targeting important leaders, before 2017 Punjab assembly polls.

“All radical groups have aligned with AAP and I am saying with responsibility. I personally feel the government of India should clearly investigate the funding of the AAP,” he alleged while addressing media here.

He also accused Delhi Chief Minister and AAP’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal of meeting representatives of radical groups regularly, which he said was “unfortunate”.

“Radical groups of Punjab have been meeting Kejriwal regularly. What is the purpose of Delhi CM to meet radical groups of Punjab. Why does he meet them,” Sukhbir questioned.

“Radical leaders like Mohkam Singh are trying their best to utilise the 2017 Punjab elections as an opportunity to destablise peace and harmony attained by people of Punjab after great sacrifices,” he claimed.

Expressing concern over the recent incidents in the state, Sukhbir claimed that the ISI “had plans to target important leaders”, besides designing sacrileges to destablise peace and harmony of the state.

“ISI has big plans to destablise Punjab before elections.

They have plans to target important leaders and engineer sacrilege incidents. We have already conveyed this information to the Union Home Minister and National Security Advisor one month back,” Sukhbir said.

However, he said, “Our police is doing best job in its best way. Punjab Police has busted many modules and arrested people from abroad also in this connection.”

Punjab government has been facing mounting pressure from several quarters for several incidents including attack on RSS volunteer in Ludhiana, murder of Mata Chand Kaur, attack on Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale and the recent attack on RSS leader Jagdish Gagneja.

Replying to queries regarding status of investigations in each case, Sukhbir said investigations into Gagneja case was in “advanced” stage and other cases were also being investigated.

“Punjab Police has cracked all the cases and unfortunate incidents in no time but being sensitive in nature, murder of Mata Chand Kaur and Bargari sacrilege cases are taking some time,” he said.


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