Assured of victory for AAP, Punjab bureaucracy ‘approaches’ Kejriwal with ideas and plans


After several opinion polls indicated a resounding win for Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, the top bureaucracy in the state have reportedly begun contacting the party leadership with ideas and plans related to several key issues.

One AAP leader said, “Yes, our leadership has been contacted by several top civil servants, who care about the state and want new ideas and plans implemented to get Punjab out of its current situation. We’ve been humbled by the response from the bureaucracy. It’s clear that the officers have good intention, but they haven’t been allowed to function well. This will change, should we form the government.”

Top among the ideas received so far is the plan to tackle the growing menace of drugs in the state. Most other ideas are around the announcements made by Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, during his visit to the state earlier this month.

Kejriwal, in his Youth Manifesto, had promised to end the state’s drug crisis in a month if voted to power in the 2017 Assembly elections.

His other promises included creating 25 lakh new jobs for young workers and free WiFi in the state’s villages.

Kejriwal, who’s now effectively relinquished himself from the day-to-day running of Delhi government, is reportedly spending a lot of time meeting the officers, taking phone calls from them and ‘listening to their ideas.’

This comes after several poll surveys indicated that AAP would win more than 100 seats in next year’s assembly elections. The latest among the poll surveys is the prediction by VDP Associates, which gave AAP 100 seats, 12 to Akali Dal, 3 to Congress and 1 to BJP in the 117-seat assembly.


Previous survey by C-Voter too had predicted a landslide for AAP.

The Kejriwal-led party had surprised poll pundits during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when it won four seats in Punjab. Since then, it’s made Punjab its prime target, working hard to build an organisation in the state in a bid to dislodge the ruling Akali Dal-BJP combine.


  1. I think this a trap laid by the Punjab govt to steal the ideas of AAP so that they may work as well as implement them.
    At the time of election AAP may b left empty hand . Just think why wud the punjab’s top civil servants wud meet AAP leadership when this party has yet to b elected

  2. This is the same trick, What #AAPtard in collision with Modi Hater Brigade and Modi Hater media adopted in Delhi of publishing pre poll survey to confuse voters. But same tricks does not work repeatedly. This time this poisonous Kejriwal shall be thrown out of Indian Political Scenario by vot3rs of different states, otherwise it would be too dangerous for nation (even dangerous than our enemy neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh and China)

    • Surveys are made by various private institutions who use different methodology and algorithms and all are in favour of AAP. Try to accept reality than making hate and abuses against AAP and Arvind.

      • It is really surprising when people abuse Arvind Kejriwal and AAP without no substantial evidence. This seems to be mere rhetoric but then I am not surprised as that’s how BJP voters do all the time. here is my fact based version of what Modi govt. has/hasn’t deliver in it’s two year rule and even this list is not complete. Instead of mindless discussion filled with curse word please read this and decide for yourself.

  3. How is it happening??
    While almost everyday negative news flown in media.

    However I think rather than negative media news, they have some different kind programs, which seems non-conventional.

  4. The andh bhakat of feku must advice him to cancel his collition with nasha badal dal party of punjab if they dont wanna see their decimation.

  5. Arvind kejriwal abhitak jitne bhi politician aaye hai unsabse imandar hai lekin modi sarkar unko nicha dikhane kelia kisi bhi had take girega…..hamara prarthna hai ki uparwala ki krupa se Punjab bhi Delhi ki tarah AAP ki record bane……survey bats rage hai ki janta AK me saath hai…..lekin alkali BJP aur Congress jaise poisonous she bachke rahna hoga.

  6. Arvind kejriwal sabse sachai aur imandar hai….lekin BJP unko rokne kelia kisi bhi hadd take girega….

  7. What dangerous thing has Arvind done in Delhi? building schools and clinics or introducing Odd Even scheme? Some #idiotbhakts don’t undestand their party BJP, are the biggest anarchists India has ever seen with an agenda at destroying India’s unity for election purposes. The enemy that will destroy our country is now in power and they don’t care for anyone.

    • It’s not actually their fault. Constant stream of brainwashing from media and propaganda on social media is leading to worst form of hate in their hearts for Kejriwal.
      If given an option, these people will kill Kejriwal instead of Congressis, as if Kejriwal is the one looting the country for 70 years.

  8. Even if Akal is lose, they will be formidable opposition. This how Punjab works. Every village has two parties based on enmity. If one is against Akalis, other party will for akalis. Akalis will have 40 – 50 seats.. no matter what. For india, it is helpful if Akalis stay in power otherwise they start agitations. With muslim giving hard time to india, you do not want Akalis nuisance mixed in it.


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