AAP expresses solidarity with ex-servicemen


The Aam Aadmi Party today criticised BJP and Congress for allegedly playing with the feelings of ex-servicemen and expressed solidarity with the defence personnel.

Convener, Ex-Servicemen Wing, AAP, Capt Bikramajit Singh Pahuwindia said the “contempt” the Politico-bureaucratic combine holds against the ‘Fauj’ has been ascertained time and again.

“This has been demonstrated yet again in the 7th pay commission, pushing the Faujis further down in the protocol ladder,” he said.

This time, however, the three service chiefs have decided to take a stand and not accept the unjust pay commission, he said.

“The government however, as has been the practice, decided to abide by the advice given by the bureaucrats and ignored the plea of the armed forces,” he said.

“The Defence Minister has said that any grievances will be resolved. Does somebody has to remind him that there are 46 anomalies being passed on from the 5th Pay Commission which are still not resolved. Thus, with what hope can the Armed Forces have faith in his assurances?” he said.

At the time of Independence the Armed Forces were above all services, with the Commander-in-Chief standing 2nd in hierarchy, he said, adding over the last 67 years they have been “progressively pushed down to 33rd” in the order of precedence.

The height of discrimination against the Armed Forces can be seen from the fact that while the Armed Forces with 13 lakh personnel forms the biggest chunk of the central Government employees, it has not been allowed to have a representative in the Pay Commission, he said.

“I wish somebody had advised him (Prime Minister Modi) about the necessity of ensuring high morale among troops before airing lofty visions about PoK and Balochistan from the ramparts of the Red Fort,” he said.


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