Punjab has to break the record of Delhi in next year’s elections: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal is kick-starting his Punjab campaign by addressing a mega rally in Muktsar Sahib in Punjab today.

Many senior leaders of AAP including Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh have accompanied Kejriwal to his first Punjab visit after becoming the chief minister.

This is being seen as a show of strength by AAP in a state which gave the party four Lok Sabha MPs in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Punjab is scheduled to go for assembly elections in 2017 and AAP is eyeing to replicate its Lok Sabha performance here.

On Wednesday, the Delhi CM also met the family of Pathankot attack victim and handed over a cheque of Rs 2 lakh. He also visited the Muktsar Sahib gurudwara on Thursday morning.

Here are the highlights of Kejriwal’s speech in Muktsar Sahib:

  • Farmers in Punjab who produce grains for whole country are now being forced to commit suicide
  • People of Punjab will not tolerate. They will overthrow Badal government
  • Arrested 50 corrupt people soon after I became chief minister
  • Corruption has come down by 80 percent in Delhi since I became chief minister
  • No media, no opposition parties knew corruption by my own minister, but I sacked him as soon as I came to know about it
  • Last week I passed an order making medicines free for poor people in all government hospitals
  • Now Delhi’s people will get medicines free
  • Started mohalla clinic for just Rs 20 lakh
  • Will not let a single farmer to commit suicide if we come to power
  • Two soliders were martyred in Pathankot. We will give them Rs 1 crore each after we form govt next year
  • Next team when we form govt, we will send Majithia to jail
  • Captain Amrinder and Majithia both are together in corruption. Only Aam Aadmi Party can send Majithia to jail
  • Guru Granth Sahib is the Holy book of not just Sikhs. Hindus and Muslims both respect the book equally
  • I swear before you here. I will send those to jail who disrespected Guru Granth Sahib and fired at innocent people
  •  I fear no one. I’m not scared of Badal. If I have to sacrifice my life for Punjab, I will not hesitate
  • I told Narendra Modi that Mulayam Singh may be scared of CBI, but you can’t frighten Arvind Kejriwal with CBI
  • People of Punjab have to beat the record of Delhi in the coming elections

Kejriwal concludes his speech with a chant ‘Jo Bole So nihaal, Satya Shri Akaal.’

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  1. Great job summarizing the points. The final point was ” AAP is a ‘fakkad’ party, don’t have money to fight elections. Each and every one of you have to pledge to reach out to all and get them to vote 100% to Aam Aadmi Party”.


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