Protests by Manipuris at Jantar Mantar, demand inner line permit system


More than hundred people belonging to different communities from Manipur gathered on Monday at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar demanding inner line permit system, which prevents outsiders from settling in the state. The rally was organised by Manipur student’s association Delhi and supported by Manipur young mind association Delhi.

The protesters marched from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar and submitted memorandums addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee in their respective offices.

The protesters urged the Central Government to frame a policy such as entry passes for outsiders (for the purpose of settlement) and tourists with limited validity.



Chand Potshangbam who belongs to the Meetei community told that inner line permit was implemented in most of the north-eastern states like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram but not in Manipur.

He said, “States like Assam and Tripura have even faced consequences of not implementing the ILP. As of now, there is just less than five percent Tripuri indigenous tribe in Tripura. ILP is not about sending back the outsiders, but it is a platform to check and monitor the outsiders by issuing a card system.”

Potshangbam said that the concept of ILP was removed during 1951-52 but now, the people of Manipur want it back once again.

Besides this, they also want the Centre to take action against the Manipur police which allegedly treats people quite brutally, kills innocent and tortures masses. Only a few days ago, the state police had allegedly shot down an eleven-year-old student with a rubber bullet who was protesting on the road.


  1. One problem seems to be that few agree what the ILPS demand is for. This chap says it’s not about sending back the outsiders but to check and monitor them. The JCILPS in Manipur on the other hand want at least a million Indian Citizens whom they consider outsiders to be removed from the electoral roll in Manipur and any of those who own property or businesses in Manipur to lose ownership. All those who entered Manipur after 1951. The claim is that they wish to protect indigenous people from being swamped by outsiders. They want the jobs done by the outsiders to be taken up by insiders. It may indeed be the demand that outsiders merely lose voting rights and rights of residence, and the right to own land, property and businesses in Manipur. This could be done on the model of Kuwait or Ancient Sparta. It is certainly an opportunity for Manipuris to show some political maturity. Instead of justing selling their vote once every five years to a few who then steal all the development funds. But that remains to be seen. The usual Manipuri pattern of bandh blockade and burning is not democratic protest and ends when the leaders are paid off and promised a list of government jobs they can then auction. It’s hard to find out what is actually going on in Manipur. There are foreign press there to cover the battle of Imphal & Kohima anniversary. But issues like ILPS or the AFSPA are of no interest to mainstream media. Even in Delhi there are over 17,000 NE students and over quarter of a million NEasterners who live and work there. But if they all can get to turn up at Janta Mantar is more than a hundred (they claim 300 hundred let them have that) they clearly isn’t much real investment in these issues back home which affect mainly the poor and schoolchildren for now who bear the brunt of the protests. Irom Sharmila Chanu has her last court appearance at the Delhi Patiala in less than two weeks time. Will they get less than a hundred to turn up for her or are the students now down with summer flu and really need to return that library book. That’s how most student revolutions fail these days.


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