Outfit barges into Kerala House to protest against beef fests


Members of a “cow vigilante” group allegedly barged into the Kerala House here today to protest against the beef festivals organised recently in the south Indian state.

beef fests

‘Beef fests’ were held in various parts of Kerala to protest against the Centre’s decision banning sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for slaughter, while some Youth Congress activists butchered a calf in full public view in the state where beef is widely consumed.

Police said around 12 to 14 people, claiming they belonged to ‘Bharathiya Gauraksha Kranti’, entered the Kerala House around 8 PM and started distributing cow milk.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the protesters blocked the main entrance of the Kerala House and also threatened the police who asked them if they had any permission to organise the protest.

They reportedly said they “do not need any permission” as they were working according to the “dharma”.

The police, however, maintained that it was a peaceful protest.

Kerala House Resident Commissioner Vishwas Mehta denied knowledge of any such incident. He said no such incident or protest had taken place until 6.30 PM.

Mehta also said he had already informed police authorities concerned about the chances of such protests in front of the House.


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