To protect India, my fight will be from street to parliament: Kanhaiya Kumar


JNU students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on Tuesday said that he will continue to fight to protect India even if it meant taking the struggle to the parliament.

Speaking to BBC Hindi, the 28-year-old student leader said, “main pehle bhi campus se bahar jaata tha, aaj bhi campus se bahar jaaonga. Desh bachane ki ladaayi sirf chunaav ladna nahi hota hai. andalonon mein shareek hona hota hai, aur main usmein shareek hota raha hoon. Main Rohit Vemula ko justice dilaane ke andolan mein shareek tha, usi dauran meri giraftari hui…desh ko bachaane ki ladaayi sadak se sansad tak karni hogi. (I’ve been going out of JNU campus in the past and will go even in future. The fight to protect India should not be confined to just contesting elections. You also have to join the movements. And I’ve been taking part in them. I was a part of the movement seeking justice for Rohith Vemula, when I was arrested. To protect India, my fight will continue from streets to parliament.)”

Kanhaiya said that the spotlight on him following his arrest had not changed him a bit had increased challenges for him.

He, however, refused to concede that the JNU controversy had made him a hero.

He said, “I’m not the hero. The real heroes are those who protested on the streets and the campuses up and down the country. They fought for democracy. They fought to protect India and I’m one of them.”

Kanhaiya was arrested by Delhi police before being slapped with sedition charge. He was released on 3 March on an interim bail by Delhi High Court for six months.

A resident of Bihar, Kanhaiya is pursuing his PhD on the post apartheid South Africa from JNU.



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