Prone to sending rashly worded emails? Gmail has the answer for you!


Gmail has rolled out a feature that experts feel is bound revolutionize the experience of sending emails.

It has now launched “undo send” option for its email users after years of experimenting with the feature.

This service will enable the users to delay sending an email for five to 30 seconds in case they have second thoughts about the content they are sending.

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The news will answer the prayers of those prone to sending rashly worded missives, unintentionally hitting “reply all”, or sending typo-laden messages

This service is currently only available on desktop versions of gmail and can’t be accessed on mobile or tablet devices.

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Users will need to go into their settings to enable the feature, which is by default disabled.

After an email has been dispatched, a thin yellow bar will appear at the top of the screen, giving users the chance to cancel its delivery.

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The world’s largest email service provider has been beta-testing this facility in a lab since 2009 and Gmail had offered this service to users enrolled in its “experimental labs” programme.



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