Instead of getting offended, people laughed with Pizza Hut on their April Fools’ Day campaign – #ITakeItWithALaugh


April Fools’ Day is all about playing pranks with the day acquiring considerable significance among individuals and brands across the globe.

While social media platforms were replete with pranks and seemingly unbelievable news items, one April Fool video that went viral this Sunday was Pizza Hut’s #ITakeItWithALaugh campaign.

The rationale behind launching the video was to encourage people to enjoy a joke at their own expense. In the times when people have forgotten how to take a joke, especially on social media where you can’t get away without offending one group or the other, the brand took a light-hearted stand that it’s okay to enjoy a joke at one’s own expense.

The viral video essentially showcased several individuals, who did not take offence to a joke being cracked on them. In the video, several individuals are seen holding placards with the message #ICanTakeAJoke while giving personal examples. A few of these jokes included – “Joke on my make-up,” “Jokes on my being single” and so on.

The company also asked individuals to share what they could take with a laugh promising that “favourite entries will get their hands on lip-smacking treats.” This evoked plenty of responses from users on social media platforms. One of the users, Aditi wrote, “Getting insulted by my bestiii #ITakeItWithALaugh.”

Another user Lavizah Tahir wrote, “I always take pizza with a laugh!!! #ITakeItWithALaugh.” while the user Ankit Choudhary wrote, “When boss orders me to come to cocktail party with family and my wife doesn’t like me to drink! #ITakeItWithALaugh.”

Clearly, there have been many takers for Pizza Hut’s quirky April Fools’ video. Amidst rampant negativity on social media platforms, this video has indeed brought a much-needed smile on people’s faces.


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