Prominent Patel group to hold protest rally against Modi outside UN


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting United States later this week to speak at the United Nations.

However, a prominent Patidar community group has threatened to stage a rally outside the UN on 25 September while another group said they will wear black clothes and wave anti-Modi placards during Modi’s visit.

In a statement the group said,
“…we must not ignore the facts that gross violations of human rights and brutality by Gujarat police has occurred and the state and the central governments have failed to serve and protect innocent.”

It added, “Please note that this is not against or pro any political party. This is not against Modi. However, as the PM of India, we need Modi to recognise that those who are responsible for unconstitutional brutal actions must be punished.”

On September 12, Varun Patel, leader of Lalji Patel-headed Sardar Patel Group, had stated that “Gujarati Samaj’ would wear black clothes and wave black flags in protest during Modi’s US visit.

Gujarat police’s role in dealing with the Patel protesters had come under sharp criticism last month. The police were seen entering the houses of ordinary citizens, misbehaving with women and children, beating up the elders and vandalising the properties reportedly belonging to Patel community.


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