This professor threatens to beat up maulana on Live TV, charges at him during commercial break


Sangit Ragi, a Delhi professor, on Tuesday threatened to beat up a maulana during a debate show on News24 channel. The show was debating the recent deaths of Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir.


Nearly 20 minutes into the programme, Ragi was speaking while advocating the need to scrap the Articles 370 and 35 calling them ‘constitutional fraud’. Maulana Sajid Rashidi, who was also a participant in the debate, interjected and said who had stopped him from scrapping these articles since ‘it’s his government.’

This caused pandemonium as Ragi began to call Rashidi a ‘ bloody idiot’ and an ‘illiterate man’ as well as being a ‘Pakistani agent’. A stunned Rashidi told him to ‘stay in his limits.’ The show’s anchor, Manak Gupta, too admonished Ragi telling him to not lose his sanity adding that the RSS ideologue will not be allowed to use such words against the maulana.

Rajiv Tyagi from the Congress, who too was joining the debate found the ugly fight too unbearable and decided to quit the debate midway. Fearing the worst, Gupta decided to take a commercial break. What was astonishing was the utter silence by Maj Gen (Retd) SP Sinha, who remained unmoved.

During the break, Ragi charged at Rashidi with an intention to assault him physically. (See the video below). Those present in the studio said that it took several people’s intervention to contain Ragi, who was about to take off his shoe to attack the maulana. Once again, Maj Gen (Retd) Sinha, known for his pro-BJP stand, remained unmoved.

Gupta, admonished Ragi even during the break before resuming the debate.

Watch the video below from 20 minutes onwards;

Ruckus during the break.



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