Probe panel blames 2 ‘masked outsiders’ for objectionable slogans, no mention of Kanhaiya Kumar in report


The high-level probe panel by the JNU, which was constituted to investigate 9 February incident on campus has blamed “masked outsiders” for raising “objectionable slogans.”

While the panel has held Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and other organisers responsible for “allowing outsiders to take over the event,” does not mention JUNSU president Kanhaiya Kumar’s name in any of the objectionable sloganeering.

According to The Hindu, which claims to have accessed the full report, the probe panel has named two JNU students — Mujeeb Gattoo and Mohd. Qadeer – who were “seen in close proximity of the outsiders” and were seen raising slogans.

It says, “It is most unfortunate that the organisers allowed the event to be taken over by a group of outsiders who created a charged atmosphere by raising provocative slogans. This act by the outsider group has brought disrepute to the entire JNU community.”

The report says that Umar, Anirban, Ashutosh, Rama Naga, Shweta Raj, Gargi Adhikari, Chintu Kumari, Banojyotsana Lahri, Rubina Saife and Anjali were participating in sloganeering at the Sabarmati ground where various slogans such as Hindustan ki barbadi tak jang rahegi and Manipur mange azadi , Nagaland mange azadi were shouted.

It, however, does not clarify who was shouting which slogan.

Umar and Anirban, who were arrested by the Delhi police on sedition charges a few days after Kanhaiya’s arrest continue to be in judicial custody in Tihar Jail.

The report further adds, “The presence of a group of outsiders was noted by security staff and confirmed by many other eyewitnesses. This group of students had their faces covered by a cloth/scarf most of the time. This group of people had engaged in shouting slogans like: Kashmir ki azadi tak, jang rahegi, jang rahegi ; Bharat ko ragda, de ragda, zor se ragdo, de ragda and Go India, go back . Along with these outsiders, one JNU student Mujeeb Gattoo was also seen participating in the sloganeering in the video clip,” the report adds.



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