Princeton University President says ‘won’t act even if students hold Osama event’


Soon after the JNU controversy hit media headlines, the Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu had asked if the US would “tolerate” any campus meeting on its soil to mark the “Osama bin Laden martyrdom anniversary.”

Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber has said that his university will permit that “there would be no disciplinary action of any kind against those students.”

Eisgruber told Indian Express. “We would permit that (event) and there would be no disciplinary action of any kind against those students. That’s unambiguous. It could be very offensive. I might be called upon depending on what the students said or did. Under some circumstances, I might have to speak out and indicate my disagreement as the President (of Princeton) and say that what the students were expressing was not consistent with the views of the university. I expect in the circumstances you are describing, there would be a number of people who would call on me to take action. I get people writing to me saying you must discipline a speaker. We don’t do it even when the views are very offensive.”

Princeton University is one of the eight Ivy League educational institutions in the United States and has produced 41 Nobel laureates, including economist Angus Deaton and physicist Arthur McDonald who won the prize last year.


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