Prime Time TV: ‘I know we are on Times Now, but let’s still be logical here’


We are back with our updates on Prime Time debates.

It seems the High Court’s refusal to stay the release of juvenile rapist of 16 December victim will dominate most of prime time TV discussions tonight. Although, the channels have been endlessly airing views of experts on this new development since late afternoon.

  • It will be interesting to see what new the channels have to offer in their 9 pm slot.
  • India Today, on Karan Thapar’s To The Point show has already discussed the raging debate on DDCA scam. Truth be told, the programme failed to explore any new angle that has already not been deliberated on Thursday night.
  • But, Karan did manage to bring in Friday’s developments i.e. comments made by Bishan Singh Bedi and Kirti Azad on their plan to hold news conference on Sunday with new expose for discussion.
  • The conversation that stood out in that discussion was the following;
  • Karan to Ashutosh: If you have evidence why don’t you go ahead with commission of inquiry?
  • Ashutosh: Karan, don’t rush
  • Karan: What kind of logic is this. Don’t rush but you are happy to brush (Jaitley with the allegations of corruption)
  • Staying with India Today, Rajdeep Sardesai’s News at 9 (at least that’s what the Electronic Programme Guide says on Tata Sky) now starts at 20 minutes early at 8.40.
  • Rajdeep too is leading with HC verdict on juvenile rapist’s release.
  • Rajdeep starts his debate by interviewing Jyoti Singh’s mother.
  • Mihira Sood, a Supreme Court lawyer tells that emotion aside, the law can’t be applied retrospectively.
  • Rajdeep is clearly overcome by emotion, addresses Jyoti Singh’s mother as Jyoti Singh ji and uses word bebasta for helplessness. It’s bebasi
  • Kiran Bedi says, let the law not be blind. One wonders what happened to her during Delhi assembly elections. She’s appearing to be better panelist than a politician.
  • Ravish is absent on his Prime Time. Nidhi Kulpati holding the fort. The man is being missed.
  • We missed his powerful long intro, which usually sums up the debate in advance
  • Like India Today, Arnab too starts his programme with an interview with Jyoti Singh’s mother
  • Sudhir Chaudhary in his DNA promises to have a ‘bada khulaasa’ on National Herald. Will be watching
  • Barkha Dutt too is absent from The Buck Stops Here, Vishnu Som is standing in for her. Starts with an interview with Subramanian Swamy
  • Barkha tweets, says she doesn’t anchor on Fridays.

  • News X has all women line-up to discuss HC verdict on juvenile rapist
  • Midway through programme, Rajdeep has breaking news about Kirti Azad meeting Amit Shah, problem is ABP News broke it in the afternoon
  • Arnab is going jugular against Congress and SP spokies for not passing juvenile justice act in parliament
  • A female panelist questions on Times Now why provide a scissor and a needle to juvenile rapist?
  • Sudhir Chadhary on ZEE says his was the first channel, which broke National Herald story
  • Congress’ Khushboo tells Arnab, Don’t make Jyoti Singh case political for TRP
  • Why has the 16 December rape case turned into anti-Congress discussion. Times Now effect?
  • And they have not even begun discussing National Herald case.
  • Arnab moans: Yesterday AAP attacked media, today Congress attacking us
  • Khushboo is also on India Today discussing the protests against Dilwale. Guess India Today’s is recorded programme.
  • Sanjay Hegde to Shazia Ilmi: I know we are on Times Now, but let’s still be logical
  • RSS’ Rakesh Sinha NewsX vehemently opposes gay sex, calls it an attack by western culture
  • Two good one-liners one on India Today (Don’t Rush, but why brush) and the other on Times Now (Know it’s Times Now, but let’s still be logical).

More coming up


  1. I prefer reading this summary buy JKR than skipping through each news channels. BTW what happened to Arnab? Why is he getting so close to BJP than his viewers?

  2. सोचो क्या होगा माँ भारती के वासियो का – अन्याय का विरोध
    करनेवालो को कब तक दफ़न किया जाता रहेगा -मेरे देश के प्रबुद्धजन , देशभक्त , मानवता वादियों
    जागो- जागो – जागो

  3. Really Really Nice… I read this yesterday and also today. I really really appreciate if this can be done everyday. This really can expose the news channels and the rift they create between people and politicians .I am sure this will be a huge huge hit in the social media circle and would be start to end the ugly strategy of News Channels for TRP .

  4. this is good. I enjoy reading this. Instead of wasting time watching the noisy debate. Especially Timesnow where no one can understand anything.

  5. Now this is called khabro ki murrammat. I used to read that in Punjab Kesari. But that was in humourous sense. This is more serious. Good work. Keep it up.


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