When Arnab Goswami got hammered on live TV, this time it was a Congress leader


The single biggest story of Friday is Narendra Modi’s ‘unannounced’ stopover in Pakistan to meet his counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

The move has been widely criticised by opposition, but Modi’s supporters have described the move a ‘masterstroke.’

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Opposition is also digging out the statements made by Modi and his supporters against Pakistan in the past. There are also enough indications that Modi’s visit was planned well in advance with the help of his businessman friend Sajjan Jindal.

Such is the magnitude of the story that channels have been busy debating this subject non-stop since late afternoon.

On Times Now, Arnab Goswami had an ‘exclusive’ with the Congress leader Anand Sharma, who slammed both the BJP and the anchor for being the propagandist of the government.

Here are the highlights of tonight’s debates;

  • On NDTV’s Left Right and Centre, there were some questions on whether it was planned or sudden stopover.
  • After hosting a special programme, Barkha tweeted excerpts of her book, where she had first revealed Jindal’s involvement in facilitating a meeting between Modi and Sharif.
  • Rajnath Singh addresses media, praises Modi’s move, but refuses to take questions. Not surprising
  • Earlier, Anand Sharma called Arnab, ‘Stop being the propagandist for the central government. Arnab was speechless.
  • Wonder if Arnab will repeat the interview in Newshour
  • Sharma was reacting to the charge that the UPA had given clean chit to Pakistan in 26/11. Arnab couldn’t substantiate the charge.
  • Barkha is here to do special show, she was on air earlier too. It’s her subject after having revealed on Sajjan Jindal
  • Anand Sharma is on NDTV. The man is so articulate. Why doesn’t Congress make use of him?
  • Anand Sharma says why this drama and theatrics. clear attempts to grab headlines?
  • Sharma says the meeting was pre arranged. He’s reminding Modi of how he created hawkish atmosphere against Pakistan during last year’s elections
  • He’s our prime minister, he must have gravitas. What if something goes wrong in future? Why no 21 gun salute, no national anthem?
  • On Times Now Maroof Raza batting for Modi, says climate was right for him to visit Pakistan
  • Times Now doing joint transmission with Express Tv of Pakistan. Khurshid Kusuri says he predicted Modi will be forced to talk
  • Kasuri says, I will not indulge in tu tu main main. Have other commitments too. Wonder who he is talking about
  • Maroof Raza is sounding so humble while asking question to Khurshid Kasuri, why?
  • He begins by saying Khurshid Sahab mujhe kuch sikhayiye
  • Kasuri showering praises on Manmohan Singh, hailing his statesmanship during his time as PM
  • Pro BJP journalist on NDTV says there’s nothing if a businessman is a go-between Modi and Sharif
  • India Today is going ahead with its pre-scheduled programme on Bollywood’s Khans called Khantastic
  • Arnab is starting Newshour with a clarification about his views on 26/11, Hafiz Saeed etc etc Why?
  • Arnab says redefining broadcasting by tying up with Pakistani channels, hmmm. Aaj Tak did two years ago first
  • What a gesture, it’s a grand gesture by Narendra Modi, announces Arnab. Now you understand his early clarification
  • Anchor sitting in for Ravish on NDTV India counters Congress chap, says diplomacy is a continuing process
  • Meanwhile, the head of BJP’s send-Pakistan brigade, Giriraj Singh, says we are busy improving relations with Pak
  • BJP’s Sudhanshu Trivedi says Congress should learn from Pakistani parties. They are so matured. What a change in attitude for Pakistan
  • CNN-IBN’s anchor asks Congress spokie why Indians opposition can’t rally behind PM same way as parties in Pakistan did
  • Curiously, no RSS spokespersons on any channel. Would have been interesting to hear their views
  • Times Now may repeat Anand Sharma’s interview. Will be worth a watch
  • Red lines shift, the red lines drawn by Modi earlier were ridiculous, says journalist Shekhar Gupta
  • If it was MMS, BJP would have said, he is doing for Nobel Prize
  • Nalin Kohli says, yes MMS would have indeed done it for Nobel consideration
  • When we do it it’s for national reason, Nalin Kohli
  • BJP’s arrogance and disdain for Manmohan Singh on NDTV is simply amazing
  • Even though the topic is Modi’s visit to Pakistan, Arnab has spent most of his energy giving his Pakistani guests grief
  • Indian and Pakistani guests fighting on Times, Wonder what Modi and Sharif would be thinking watching this fight



  1. Currently, Arnab has been given only one agenda is to run debates with pakistan leaders, basically he will keep bhakts, sanghis and other so called intellectual brigade busy for next 3 years so that everyone can forget Modi promises in 2014… Dal is selling at Rs.220… BJP ruled MP and Rajasthan highest in rape cases, well arnab on instructions has to highlight only rapes of UP & Bihar…


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