Prime Time TV debates: Live updates


BJP MP Kirti Azad’s suspension and the subsequent political upheavals have dominated the news agenda throughout the day.

Then, we had Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announce the blueprint for the much publicised Odd-Even formula to curb air pollution in Delhi starting 1 January.

Late in the day, reporter how the central government had proposed hiking the salary of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs.

Clearly channels are set to debate these developments tonight. Last night was stormy on TV channels, particularly on Times Now.

How will it be tonight? We will see!

  • Nidhi Razdan was missing from Left Right and Centre, Barkha had an exclusive with Priyanka Chopra. Worth a watch
  • On India Today, no Karan Thapar with To The Point, Instead the slot had AAP’s Adarsh Shashtri taking calls from viewers on Odd-Even formula.
  • A caller, a doctor, thanked Arvind Kejriwal, saying the man had courage to take innovative and bold step
  • Other callers found the exemption list too long but felt the idea must be supported
  • On NDTV India, Shatrughan Sinha says party will pay heavy price if they prolong Azad issue
  • BJP spokie tells Abhigyan Prakash actions against others (Shatrughan) will be taken at appropriate time
  • Ashutosh says Arun Jaitley’s vulgar jibe was targeted at Narendra Modi, Abhigyan Prakash tell BJP spokie, his is not a show where people speak over each other
  • India Today reporter walking and doing piece to camera, copying Times Now?
  • Has Kirti Azad’s suspension split the BJP wide open, discusses Rajdeep
  • BJP’s Nalin Kohli says Azad’s suspension and subsequent developments not a sign of division in party. Ostrich mentality?
  • Pro BJP journalist Ashok Malik says the crisis being created by 160 club- those who didn’t want Modi to become PM
  • DDCA chap Manchanda says Kirti Azad has brought disrepute by raising corruption issue
  • DDCA treasurer says Kirti is maligning DDCA. This has to be first! Raising corruption equals bringing disrepute
  • DDCA is all set to sack Kirti and Bishan Bedi, as reported by earlier
  • What’s happening, Ravish is discussing definition of selfie and linking it to aatma
  • Ravish on NDTV says selfie has elder sister, called groupie
  • Selfie is a national disease, declares Ravish. Must watch. Too funny
  • Arnab on Times discussing proposed pay hike for MPs
  • Arnab introduces Shahid Siddiqui as someone who supports pay hike, Siddiqui says he opposes. Arnab says he congratulates him
  • CNN-IBN discussing Odd-Even Formula
  • Former CP, BK Gupta says Delhi police must help the initiative to make a big success
  • From policing point of view, it’s doable
  • NewsX too discussing Odd-Even formula
  • Rahul Shivshankar questioning the exemption for VVIP cars. AAP’s Pankaj Gupta’s reply doesn’t convince others
  • Where are AAP’s top spokespersons? Xmas holiday?
  • Ok, Raghav Chadha is on India Today
  • Rajdeep says cabs are exempted, Raghav Chadha corrects, it’s not true. Only cabs with emergency services exempted
  • Raghav says, Odd-Even formula part of short tern plan
  • Times Now and NDTV cut live to joint statement made by PM Modi and Vladimir Putin
  • But Times Now is back to debating pay hike for MPs
  • Raghav makes it a profound point, ‘We are not doing it for AAP, we are doing for Delhiites Let’s not be cynical’

Narendra Modi is making a statement from Moscow in English. Will there be Q&A like he did in London

  • Arnab pays tribute to Modi’s foreign policy, calling it bold independent bereft of US influence unlike Manmohan Singh
  • Gopal Rai taking questions on NDTV. BJP’s Arvind Gupta says why women are exempted?
  • Nice for Vishnu Som to end programme by saying ‘let’s all make this (OddEven formula) programme a success’


  1. I am saying this again and again. Awesome summary of prime time. Kudos to JKR. One suggestion. You should make this live and automatically scrolling. Like live comments.

  2. Please split by tv channel and debate-name instead of keeping everything in bullet points That would be very nice to see what channel debating what very quickly to the reader.


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