Arnab called ‘Pappu Yadav of journalism’ Shazia Ilmi cites paper editorials to justify action against Azad


It seems the TV debates on most channels are going to be dominated by the late development, whereby the BJP decided to suspend its MP, Kirti Azad from the party for raising his voice against corruption in Delhi District Cricket Association.

The party is already receiving flak on social media for its decision. There are enough indications that tonight’s debates are going to be stormy.

CNN-IBN appears to have pulled off a coup by having Kirti Azad and lawyer Ram Jethmalani both on the show at 9.

Jethmalani is defending Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, in the defamation case filed by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

The question is; how will channels tread on Jaitley?

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  • Shazia Ilmi cites paper editorials on NDTV that a long rope was given to Kirti Azad
  • Shazia’s criticism for Azad is extraordinary, hints he was colluding with AAP
  • Congress’ Gaurav Gogoi says he feels sorry for Shazia Ilmi
  • Shazia’s heckling is annoying, she is rightly reminded by anchor on NDTV
  • Huge political embarrassment and unprecedented for BJP, says journalist panelist on NDTV
  • Amazing Shazia uses her expulsion from AAP to justify suspension of Kirti Azad
  • Your credibility has gone Shazia, says Congress’ Gaurav Gogoi, Shazia says your credibility has gone
  • GVL Narasimha Rao of BJP on India Today says Azad was punished for carrying out personal campaign against JAaitley
  • We are the only democratic party, says GVL Narasimha Rao on why Azad wasn’t even given showcause notice. That was Rajdeep’s question on India Today.
  • Rajdeep doesn’t follow up with any question even though GVL Narasimha Rao dodges his question
  • That was a great question by Rajdeep, but he should have followed up with the same question again
  • Azad has been raising the same issue for 8 years, why has been expelled now, asks Ashish Khetan
  • Rajdeep plays the video of 2012 DDCA AGM, OUCH!
  • GVL Narasimha Rao is coming across very weak. He’s utterly lacking conviction
  • Even Ashish Khetan is not asking why no show cause notice was given to Kirti Azad
  • Madhu Kishwar, known Narendra Modi supporter, says Jaitley always had cosy relationship with Congress
  • Kishwar says Azad is fighting an honourable battle
  • BJP’s Rao said party did not act until Azad’s act became unbecoming
  • If Mr Jaitley is clean, he should welcome the Delhi government’s enquiry
  • To discuss Azad’s suspension, Arnab is asking Kamal Mitra Chenoy if he was suspended by AAP for speeaking against party.
  • Arnab doesn’t care about his explicit biases, does he?
  • Why does Arnab have three BJP panelists and one Kamal Mitra Chenoy. Ashish Khetan expected
  • Action is better than inaction, says BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao. Arnab says the BJP is in tight spot
  • Bhupendra Chaubey on CNN-IBN asks if Azad thinks BJP is so corrupt, he can leave the party
  • Pradeep Magazine, sports journalist,  says Jaitley has collective responsibility to say, ‘let’s probe because I was the president’ Chaubey says he’s not shied away from probe
  • Arnab’s usual aggression is missing, weather change in Mumbai?
  • NDTV has one BJP and one RSS reps on The Buck Stops Here to discuss Azad’s suspension
  • Why’s Rakesh Sinha there on NDTV to discuss Kirti Azad, when BJP has its own spokie?
  • Ah talk about aggression, Arnab is back! Asks Khetan by questioning ‘Supreme Leader’s’ dictatorial style?
  • Ashish Khetan asks Arnab Goswami, why are you so fond of Arun Jaitley?
  • When the nation is discussing Arun Jaitley, you are discussing Prashant Bhushan
  • Your channel was shamelessly boycotting Kirti Azad’s press conference, Ashish Khetan to Arnab
  • You are not a journalist when it comes to Arun Jaitley, says Ashish Khetan
  • Sanjay Nirupam asks BJP on ABP, will you wait for Jaitley to be formally indicted before you sack him?
  • GVL Narasimha Rao tells JDU’s Ajoy Alok you tolerate corrupt people, Alok says ‘people who we sack for corruption, you embrace them’
  • What’s Arun Jaitley’s connection with Times Now? Why’s Ashish Khetan asking Arnab to keep Jaitley as treasurer
  • Arnab must have devoted more than 50% time discussing Arvind Kejriwal even on day Azad and BJP are news
  • We are 50 minutes into debate. Ashish Khetan asks, why have still not discussed Arun Jaitley.
  • Arnab asks Ashish, why did you sack Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav?
  • You will not be able to debate on Arun Jaitley for as long as you take Rs 5 crore salary, asks Ashish Khetan
  • Its’ getting very stormy on Times Now. Arnab says he’s new media, doesn’t need to take lesson on journalism
  • Ashish Khetan says ‘we are new age politicians’
  • Arnab says let the viewer decide ‘my integrity’
  • Ashish Khetan asks why are you scared of I&B minister
  • Arnab says don’t do bahubali politics, Ashish Khetan says you are Pappu Yadav of journalism
  • Suggestion for Times Now, just make it Arnab vs Ashish Khetan for any debate. Don’t waste other panelists time
  • And with this Times Now has comfortably ended ‘debate on Arun Jaitley’



  1. Janta ka Reporter .?? I am Janta and i say you are NOT my reporter. You are Political mouthpiece of AAP aka Amir Admi Party.

  2. अपना अरूण बड़ा कमाऊ निकला, कलमाड़ी का ताऊ निकला

  3. These days i only read news on Janta Ka Reporter, The only Bold and Honest News Source left in india 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Only AAP has guts to take battle to Arnab goswami’s homeground….and pulverize him.Times NOw will be exposed everytime they call AAP on their show.Their credibility is falling off a cliff !!
    Well done ashish !! Thanks to you I came to know that arnab makes 5 crores a year from Times NOw.
    Wow !! Thats more than the salary of 90% CEOs of multinational companies !!! WOW !!

  5. What ever arnab and his likes like Rajdeep try to potray on prime time , trying to support their corporate or political paymasters, the truth will re-emerge and throughly expose their eveil , so we should have more of these primes to expose the pappu yadavs of journalism , good work by Ashish and all praise to JKR for exposing the muck in the media

  6. That Goat called Arnab – Bjp propagandist HAS NO BRAINS TO COMPREHEND COMPARING KIRTI AZAD AND BHUSHAN-YOGENDRA EPISODE.. One is fighting corruption without naming party leader…..other is they worked against the party during the elections and accused Kejriwal of Hitlerian and that he had … they were given notice…Kirti was not…..they were called to PAC Meeting to clarify.then they were allowed to clarify in ‘NC’ meeting of 21 people AK and Chairman abstained and in remaining 19 they got 8 voted in favour and 11 against. SO MUCH FOR THOSE ROGUES FAALSE ACCUSATIONS….DOES ARNAB HAVE BRAINS TO SLAM THEM HOW AK-FAVOURITES WERE PADDEDIN NC? NO, THIS GOAT ARNAB TALKED AGAINST US THEN AND NOW TO HE THINKS HE CAN GO ON BULLDOZING? TO HELL WITH THAT SKUNK. WE WILL TEAR HIM TO SHREDS AND EXPOSE THAT HE IS SOLD OUT TO BJP. YOU ARE A NO-1 SANSANNI USELESS FELLOW, MST UNCOUTH ANCHOR RATED AT LEVEL OF THE FISHMARKET ON A SUNDAY.HE HAS NO GUTS TO QUESTION ALL THESE NEGATIVES OF JAIITLEY….GUTLESS SKUNK ARNAB

  7. AAP has become the scapegoat for the journo’s. Any difficult situation arises, bring an AAP panelist and shout him down by an out numbered opposition. That show on Times Now, where Ashish and Arnab locked horns was a classic example. The moment Ashish made the entry, there was a shouting down act from all the panelists and Arnab neatly choreographing it.


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