Muslim pregnant woman writes to Modi, urges to put end to triple talaq


A three-month pregnant woman here has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging to bring to end Triple Talaq after her husband abandoned her fearing she may give birth to a girl again.

pregnant woman triple talaq
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The woman, Shagufta, has claimed her in-laws were pressurising her to go for abortion, while her husband had verbally divorced her over the issue and threw her out of the house.

The mother of two girls has written to Prime Minister Modi and sent a copy of the letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to apprise them of her situation.

Working on the complaint of Shagufta, the police today filed an FIR and initiated probe in the matter which was reported in Nanauta area of Saharanpur on March 24.

In her letter, Shagufta said she was married to Shamshad, resident of Budhakheda village, five years ago. They had two daughters which had angered her in-laws who wanted her to abort her three-month old foetus, fearing she may again give birth to a girl.

She claimed that she was assaulted by her in-laws and husband, who gave her ‘triple talaq’ (verbal divorce) after which she was left on road to die.

Triple talaq is a Sharia law that gives a man the right to end the marriage by verbally saying ‘Talaq’ thrice to his wife.

Shamshad had also hit her on the stomach in an attempt to kill the foetus, she has claimed in her letter.

She has urged the Prime Minister to soon bring to end the triple talaq tradition and alleged that when she went to Nanauta police station her complaint was not registered.

It was only after she wrote to the PM and the CM and the issue got highlighted by the media that the police filed an FIR in the case today.

Shamshad, brothers in law Naushad, Zafar Ali and Iliyas have been booked for making attempt to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to die after birth under IPC section 315 and other related offences.

The woman, meanwhile, has been sent for medical examination, a police official said.



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