Prannoy Roy writes to PM Modi to complain about ‘malicious campaign’ by Subramanian Swamy


Prannoy Roy, the founder of NDTV, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allege that the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy, was carrying out a malicious campaign against his channel.

Prannoy Roy

“Mr Swamy, through various unethical and dubious methods has ensured that the finest US corporations – GE and NBC (America’s most-respected media organisation) – are being accused of “money laundering” and indulging in “sham transactions” with NDTV. These outrageous accusations are being made by India’s Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax department,” Roy wrote.

Roy said that Swamy and ‘his small group’ were damaging the reputation of ‘our country in a motivated and egregious attack on the free media in India.’ He said that Swamy’s actions had the potential to dent India’s reputation internationally amidst Modi’s efforts to secure foreign investments for the country.

He wrote, “At a time when you are seeking more Foreign Direct Investment for India, this sort of wild and baseless charge is damaging India’s reputation. A leading US businessman recently said to us, ‘Why should we come to invest in India – false cases may be filed against us!’ Respected Prime Minister, please note that these false accusations against GE and NBC’s investment in NDTV have been carrying on for several years without an iota of evidence.

“The accusations were started 7-8 years ago by Mr Swamy and Mr Gurumurthy. They know very well that the allegations are false and yet they are ready to sacrifice India’s reputation and foreign investment for their own sordid motives to suppress NDTV and India’s media. Should petty personal motives be allowed to come ahead of the interests of our nation?”

One of Swamy’s followers drew his attention to Roy’s letter to PM about him. In response, Swamy wrote, “That is, India is NDTV and NDTV is India. In the Emergency India is Indira and Indira is India? Much difference in mentality?”



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