Pranab Mukherjee scolds Rajdeep Sardesai, but that’s not the complete story


Veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai recently interviewed the former president, Pranab Mukherjee. Soon after the interview was broadcast, his critics took to Twitter applauding Mukherjee for scolding the journalist.

Rajdeep Sardesai

One user, who posted the clip of Mukherjee expressing his displeasure on being iterrupted by Rajdeep, wrote, “Pranab da teaches @sardesairajdeep the lessen for life reminds him about protocol amazing!!”

Far from being fazed by criticism, Rajdeep replied, “My job to ask questions, Pranab da job to respond. Most other journalists would have edited this: I believe all must be aired!”

Mukherjee had told Rajdeep in the interview, “Let me complete. You have this habit..I’m sorry to remind you that you are interviewing the former president.Have the necessary courtesy…I am not eager to appear on the screen. You have invited me. Firstly you cannot raise your voice.”

Rajdeep’s critics, who are predominantly the supporters of right-wing politics, were elated over how Mukherjee ‘slammed’ him during the interview. However, not many knew that the former president had remembered to apologise for his angry reaction as the journalist ended his conversation with him.

Mukherjee said, “Thank you Rajdeep, sorry for I become little rude to you.”

Rajdeep responded by saying there was nothing for Mukherjee to apologise for as he always took that as a ‘positive statement.’

The journalist, however, earned plenty of plaudits for not getting his interview edited to save him embarrassment. Then there were those who felt the former president’s behaviour smacked of his utter arrogance, which had no place in a democracy.


  1. The first sentence “let me complete” is ok. But “Talking to former president” shows arrogance. In a democracy everyone is equal. Only the chair is different.

  2. Who doesnot know Rajdeeps credentials and his leaninga. Just because he is an interviewer doeanot mean he can ask and talk anything. He os a known Hindu hater and he has made career out of this. Rajdeep is a thri ing parasite on us.


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