Prakash Karat says anti-national allegations by RSS is a ‘badge of honour’


Former CPIM-M general secretary and a veteran Marxist leader, Prakash Karat on Monday said that the he took thee allegations of anti-nationals as a ‘badge of honour’ when they came from the BJP and other RSS-affiliated organisations.

He told reports in Delhi, “We don’t accept their definition and version of nationalism. If they call us anti-national we wear it as a badge of honour.”

Karat also said that the charges of sedition levelled against the student union leader Kanhaiya Kumar was because he had questioned the Sangh ideologies.

He said, “It’s nothing to do with university issues. But, it’s directly a state intervention to suppress freedom of expression on university campuses because we are not accepting their definition of nationalism.

“Filing cases against elected student leaders under sedition charge, that’s declaring war against Indian State, is a political matter. Home Minister relies on a fake twitter handle.”

Meanwhile, the Delhi police chief BS Bassi said that Kainhaiya Kumar had indulged in ‘anti-national sloganeering.’

He said, “Yeh clear evidence hai ki Kanhaiya deshdrohi naare laga raha tha aur speech de raha ha, Interrogation and Investigation abhi jaari hai. (We have clear evidence that Kainhaiya Kumaw chanting anti-national slogans and making anti-national speeches. But investigation and interrogation are currently on.)”



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