Popular Urdu poet Rahat Indori ‘denied’ US visa because visa officials felt he wouldn’t return


Renowned Urdu poet and lyricist Rahat Indori has alleged he was denied a visa by the US to attend a programme in Texas next month for “failing to convince” officials that he will return.

“The US Consulate called me for interview after I had applied for a non-immigrant visa. After the interview, the Consulate returned my passport, saying I will not get a visa to visit the US this time,” Indori told news agency PTI.

According to the poet, the US visa officials had handed him a paper he had failed to convince them that he will return to India after the event.

“The gist of whatever written on the paper is that my application stands dismissed because I failed to convince the US officials that I will return to India after the stipulated time for which a visa is sought.

“They denied me a visa on the baseless assumption that I will not return to India after the event…the US Consulate officials are perhaps afraid that I will get settled down in the US by leaving India permanently,” the popular poet said.

“I am known in the world as an Indian. I can never even dream of leaving my motherland for another country. I enjoy prestige here, I have a family here. I regret to say that all this does not matter to the US authorities,” he said.

Indori said he had travelled to the US 11 times in last 10 years.

“The Consulate officials should have gone through my previous record before dismissing my application. I had participated in more than 100 ‘mushaiyras’ during my 11 trips to that country. There is not a single mistake on my part during these tours,” he said.

He said that the programme — “Jashn-e-Indori” — was being organised in his honour on 7 May in Dallas city.


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