UP polls: PM Modi tears into rivals, but through empty chairs


Meerut (Uttar Pradesh): First phase of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh is barely a week away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kick-started Bharatiya Janata Party’s election campaign from Meerut where plenty of chairs were lying vacant even after he had arrived to speak.

Ye chunav SCAM ke khilaaf BJP ki ladai hai, aur SCAM ka matlab hai – S for Samajwadi Party, C for Congress, A for Akhilesh aur M for Mayawati (UP election is BJP’s fight against scam – S for Samajwadi, C for Congress, A for Akhilesh and M for Mayawati,” he roared on Saturday amid cheering of crowd in the front.

He said even his government in the Centre tries and help UP from Delhi, the money will go somewhere else if the state government has no intention.

He alleged Rs 4,000 crore was allocated to the state government so that they can give health-related aid to the people, but they could not even spend Rs 250 crore.

“Later, we increased the amount to Rs 7,000 crore and from there they could not even spend Rs 280 crore for the poor,” said Modi.

He promised that every family in the country will get its own house by 2022. “Every family needs to have their own house and so we have started working towards fulfilling this vision by 2022,” he added.

He declared the crucial state election a “war against poverty”. “First war of independence began here in Meerut in 1857, which was a fight against British. Now it is (the election) against poverty,” said PM Modi.

Mocking the alliance formed between the ruling Samajwadi Party and Congress, he said, “Congress wale UP sarkar ko badnaam karte the, raaton raat aisa kya ho gaya ki aap unke gale lag gaye? Aisa gathbandhan pehli baar dekha hai jo subah-shaam ek doosre ko pichle kayi dashakon se khatam karne mein lage hain (Congress leaders used to defame the UP government. What happened over night that both parties joined hands? I have such alliance for the first time where the allies were working for decades to eliminate each other).”

Raaton raat gale lag ke kah rahe hain ‘bachao bachao’. Jo khud ko nahi bacha sakte, wo UP ko kya bachayenge (After entering into the alliance, they are now crying for help. How will those who cannot save themselves will save UP)?” he mocked.

With an aim to reap political benifit of the much-hyped surgical strike, Modi said the cross-border attack hurt some people. “Jinhe is baat se peeda ho, aise logon ko desh ke naam pe rajneeti karne ka haqq hai kya (Do those who are upset with it have right to politicise the matter)?” Modi asked the crowd who responded in no.

Uttar Pradesh, said the Prime Minister, has so much potential but why don’t the youths of the state have employment opportunities?

Mai UP mein kitna hi chahun achha karne ke liye lekin agar yahan rukawatein paida karne wali sarkarein baithi rahi to Delhi se jo laabh pohchana hai wo Lucknow mein atak jaayga ya nahi (Even if I wish to do better for UP, won’t the development work will get stalled in Lucknow if we have a state government that creates obstacles)?” he asked.

He attacked the state government for deteriorating law-and-order situation in the state. “Meerut ka haal kya hai? Koi samanya naagrik shaam ko zinda ghar lautega iski koi guarantee hai kya (What is the condition of Meerut? Is there any gurantee that common people will return home alive)?” he asked.


  1. बिलकुल सही SCAM के खिलाफ है ….जो आपकी नोटबंदी, तीन साल में बढ़ी बेरोजगारी, बेइंतेहा महंगाई, और ऊटपटांग सर्विस टैक्स से दिख रहा है… अरे जितना टैक्स लिया उसमें से आपने क्या कर दिया, सिवाय विदेश में हनीमून मनाने, महँगे कपड़े पहनने और मोर्चेला एस्कुलेन्टा खाने के? क्या लोग भाजपा शासित राज्यों में होने वाले भ्रष्टाचार, बलात्कार, धर्म के नाम पर उन्माद, आम जनों के अधिकारों का हनन नहीं देख रहे हैं?

  2. Pacl main Jo garivon ko 3 year se pacl paisa nahi sde rahi hai…jisse gariv janta or Agent Aatma hatya kar rage hain … Ye sab media ko kyon nahi dikh raha hai….

  3. The chairs shouldn’t lie vacant when our hon’ble Prime Minister addresses the people. If the organizers fail to fill the chairs with desired number of people, they should import army personal from wherever possible to fill the seats.
    I am sure all our jawans aren’t busy defending our borders.


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