All political parties together on liquor ban in Bihar: Nitish Kumar


Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday credited all political parties for a total ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in Bihar.

Kumar said that all political parties were together in implementing the ban on liquor in the state.

Earlier in the week, the the JDU-RJD-Congress government had announced the ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol making Bihar the fourth dry state in the country.

He said,”Mahatama Gandhi, Jayprakash Narayan, Karpoori Thakur and Morarji Desai were in favour of prohibition and made attempts for it. We have implemented total ban on liquor only after studying different aspects and experiences of varied states.”

When reminded that the Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor had criticised the ban saying that he would not not visit Bihar now, Kumar told reporters, “It seems as if he used to come every now and then to Bihar before prohibition.”

The Bihar chief minister denied the criticism that the ban will cause loss to the state exchequer.

“But, this is not a moral trade. Alcohol is not good for health,” he was quoted by PTI.

“The money saved due to ban on liquor would be spent on other sectors like health, education and nutrition which would improve market economy of Bihar,” he said.


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