Police-media nexus? Twitterati incensed after chilling video of Kanpur cop firing at anti-CAA protesters goes viral


15 people have been killed so far during the protests against the amended Citizenship Act. Though the Uttar Pradesh Police have denied firing a single bullet at the protesters, a new chilling video appears to contradict their claims. The video, believed to have been shot in Kanpur, also show’s media’s complicity as one voice is heard saying, “Camera hata do, inko chalane do goli (Shut the camera, let them fire bullets).”

Police-media nexus

The video, according to NDTV, was from Kanpur, which saw a large-scale protests against the Citizenship Act in the last few days. In the video (see below), a policeman is seen wearing a safety jacket and flashing a revolver. Soon he moves to a corner before opening fire at the protesters.

Of the 15 people killed, one death was reported from Kanpur.

The police have not yet reacted to this viral video, but Twitterati are left incensed by the utter brutality by the UP Police.

Two people were also killed during protests in Mangaluru. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has announced a compensation of Rs 10 lakh each for those killed in the last week’s protests.

Meanwhile, an audio of Bijnor SP Sanjeev Tyagi ordering his cops to break the hands and legs of protesters too has gone viral on social media. Janta Ka Reporter reached out to Tyagi for his reaction. But he refused to either confirm or deny that the voice in the audio was his. He said before abruptly hanging up the phone, “We have no idea about this. I don’t know if the voice in the audio is mine or someone else’s. I haven’t heard the audio, so I don’t know what’s there in it. Neither has anyone said anything to me about it.”


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