Police looking for ‘Superman’ in Australia to reward him for his bravery


A man whom the media have dubbed ‘Superman’ in Australia is being sought by police – they want to award him for rescuing a man from a burning house.

Quoting the statement by police on Monday, Xinhua reported, “The Queensland police wants to formally recognise all of those who assisted in the rescue of the man for their bravery and courage during the incident and is seeking to identify the remaining Good Samaritan.”

The ‘Superman’ was well-dressed in a suit when he joined an off-duty police officer and five other people gathered outside a burning two-storey home in Brisbane in May.

The statement said, “He is described as being Middle Eastern in appearance, in 20s or 30s, about 193 cm tall, dressed in business attire and was in the company of a woman.”

As they looked for tools to gain entry, the man in the suit managed to smash his way into the house and rescue a 21-year-old man who was inside. After that, the ‘Superman’ vanished.


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