UP Police under Yogi condemned for extending VIP treatment to rapist of Muslim woman

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In a shocking incident, a video of the alleged rapist of a Muslim woman in Bijnor enjoying VIP treatment inside a police station has now gone viral.

What’s even more insensitive is that despite our repeated attempts, the UP Police has chosen not to react to the development.

Janta Ka Reporter on Tuesday had reported how the alleged rapist of Muslim woman inside a moving train was enjoying the VIP hospitality by Yogi Aditynath’s police inside a police station.

The rapist, a government railway police (GRP) constable, had raped the victim in a moving train on Tuesday. The rapist had locked the compartment reserved for disabled passengers of the Chandigarh-Lucknow Express.

According to other reports, the victim was observing Ramadan fast when she was subjected to sexual attack.

The UP Police, which now reports to the BJP government, reacted at snail pace and far from treating the matter with utmost seriousness, decided to extend a VIP treatment to the rapist.

Rifat Jawaid, the editor-in-chief of Janta Ka Reporter, tagged Up Police on Twitter bringing the incident to its attention, but despite his tweet being retweeted more than hundred times, the cops have not bothered to react.

This has prompted many to conclude that the UP Police’s alleged biases may stem from the fact that the rape victim in question happens to be a Muslim.

This has come in sharp contrast to how the cops in Uttar Pradesh reacted in nabbing the criminals who had sexually assaulted two girls in Rampur. The police had also moved in with lightening speed in posting the names of those criminals, all Muslims.

The UP Police’s act was widely appreciated.

However, its role in both Bijnor’s rape case and the gangrape of four Muslim women on Jewar-Bulandshahr highway has left the force utterly exposed. In the absence of any comments from the police, it’s only fair to conclude that the police in Uttar Pradesh under Yogi will act on incidents of rapes only if the victims are not Muslims.

It will be utter travesty of human misery if indeed cops under a new BJP government has also turned communal in its response to victims.

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