Police destroyed my modesty to protect army jawans: Kashmir’s Handwara molestation victim


Handwara molestation victim on Monday made an explosive revelation that police had forced her to blame local youth and not army soldiers for the sexual harassment.

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The girl said, “After my school was over at around 2 pm, I was on my way to the the toilet in the nearby market, an army jawan, stationed in a bunker, approached me and held my hand.

“I tried to remove my hand from his grip and ran outside the toilet crying and shouting. There were two-three boys outside. One of them was my neighbour. He asked me why I was crying. He even slapped me. At that point few police personnel arrived at the spot.”

“The SP (Superintendent of Police) sacrificed my modesty to protect army jawans. Didn’t he have any daughters? The video of my statement recorded by police was made under police’s instruction. I was told that my refusal may endanger my life. Before, I could realise, the video was made public on social media even though they had promised to keep the video to themselves,” she was quoted by BBC.

The Deputy Director General of police,Uttam Chand, said that the girl had recorded her statement before a judicial magistrate adding that the fresh allegation by the girl did not make sense.

Chand said that the police was acting only based on her statement recorded before the magistrate.

On 12 April, last month, local youth in Handwara, over 70 kms from Srinagar, had accused army jawans of sexually harassing the girl.

The violence that followed had left five people dead. The incident had snowballed into a huge controversy.








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