Police department in UP has become ‘rotten,’ says Maneka Gandhi


The police department in Uttar Pradesh has become “rotten” over the last 15 years and the previous governments would make postings of officials “after taking bribe from them”, BJP leader and union minister Maneka Gandhi has alleged.

police department rotten
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Gandhi, seeking to shift the blame for the law and order situation on the previous governments in the state, has said that “policing in the state is chaotic” and that has to be rectified.

“The crime graph was very high and the condition of law and order was the worst,” she told reporters here, adding current Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was “tightening the noose” of the officers.

Criticizing the Jewar-BulandShahr robbery and alleged rape episode, the union minister for women and child development said it had happened because of inadequate patrolling on the highways.

“Mentality of the police is required to be changed. The department is working on the old pattern as it was during the Samajwadi Party regime,” she said.

“Now all the criminal cases are being registered. That is why public is having an impression that the crime rate is increasing under the BJP government,” Gandhi said.

She added that caste-based violence and crime incidents are not new for UP.

To stop cow slaughtering, she said the central government has notified rules that only farmers can buy and sell the cattles to each other so that they are not butchered.


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